Since technology is the mantra in this day and age, we hear and read a lot about how it maximizes savings and enhances business efficiency. The central question then becomes: What role does it play in the e-commerce landscape. The answer that quickly pops to mind is desktop e-commerce shipping software. Unlike mobile e-commerce shipping software that lets you manage shipping from wherever you are, anytime, desktop e-commerce shipping software only allows you to control shipping from where the desktop is located. That means if it’s located in your office, you must wake up every day to drive or commute to the office to manage your shipping activities. However, a desktop e-commerce shipping solution has the same functions like mobile e-commerce shipping software. Let check them out:

Desktop e-commerce shipping software gives you an edge over competitors

The internet is littered with many businesses today, which means the competition is stiffer than ever before. Integrating desktop e-commerce shipping software with your e-commerce will give you an advantage over competitors who don’t use it. You will be able to offer the lowest shipping rates than them and deliver products on time.

Desktop e-commerce sipping software is a centralized solution

Running an e-commerce business is a challenging task when it comes to shipping. You will encounter challenges associated with order status and condition. Desktop shipping software integrates different shipping aspects, such as carriers, shopping cart, inventory management and more. Explicitly, the shipping software accords you a centralized view of every order, status, condition, packing slip, item picklists, and updates. Ability to view all aspects of shipping in a centralized location saves you a ton of time and helps you minimize costs substantially with the aid of cloud management solutions.

Desktop e-commerce shipping software maximizes your savings

Desktop multicarrier shipping solutions integrate numerous carriers, allowing you to evaluate them and shortlist the most competitive regarding price and service. This can maximize your savings in the long run. Also, ability to access data from a centralized point allows you to make great shipping policies.

Desktop e-commerce shipping software ensures compliance

One of the biggest challenges faced by e-commerce business owners during shipping is delivering orders to the wrong addresses. Desktop ensures order compliance because it runs checks to get order status and location and initiate corrective action before it’s too late.


With the proliferation of desktop multicarrier shipping solutions today, there is no reason not to implement one in your e-commerce website. If you don’t, your business may not be able to compete in the ever-growing competitive online marketplace.

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