Best Practices when Using Ecommerce Shipping Software

Using an ecommerce shipping software is the best thing you can do for your online store! Read this article and discover the best practices for shipping profitability!

Implementing an effective shipping strategy is one of the most impressive steps you can take to improve and grow your online business. While many businesses and brands start out online by taking a simple approach to ordering, shipping, and delivery, the most successful and powerful brands use strategic shipping solutions to differentiate themselves among the crowd and increase the margins.

Although shipping can be a main element of differentiation for your online business, it is really important to make sure that your brand can actually act on and support this new strategy. So, before you do anything, determine your needs, your goal, and your budget, and then decide what is best for your business.

This new strategy demands coordination between the teams within your company, including your fulfillment and your marketing team.

Determining a specific shipping strategy for your ecommerce store will help you make sure that everyone included in the process knows exactly what is going on, as well as, their part in the whole process.

In this article, we will discuss the best practices when using ecommerce shipping software or the must-haves and the must-knows for establishing a string shipping strategy that will make your customers happy. Let’s start:

  • Gather the right team – You need to find the right people and make this decision for your online business final. Bring into a conversation the right individuals or stakeholders within your business company and see what is their opinion on the ecommerce strategy.


  • Determine the goals for the shipping strategy – Once you have gathered the right team in your company, you need to clearly define what you want to achieve with your ecommerce shipping strategy. There are so many areas you should focus on and the most important ones are to increase conversions, expand target audience or market, increase average order value, decrease costs, improve operational efficiency, and etc. You need goals that will help you improve your business and motivate you to go a few steps further.


  • Choose the right ecommerce shipping option – Now that you have the right team and you know exactly what you want to accomplish, it is time to get down to work and choose the right ecommerce shipping option that will help you accomplish those goals you have already set. Offering the best shipping options and rates to your customers is essential to your success as an entrepreneur. It is not just the cost that makes all the difference. By offering the right shipping options to your loyal customers at the right time will help you reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase revenue. If you want to offer the lowest shipping rates possible, you need to take a full control of the shipping. You need to make sure you cover the costs and also offer the options your customers expect to see. When choosing the right ecommerce shipping option, you need to keep 3 ecommerce shipping considerations in mind – the product size and weight, shipping destinations, and shipping carriers.

Shipping is a very important part of running a business online. As a matter of fact, shipping can make or break your business success. Some of the best ecommerce shipping software solutions to consider are Shipstation, ShipperHQ, Shopify, AfterShip, ShippingEasy, and Shipot.

We hope the practices will help you use the shipping software right and help you make your online business even more successful! Stick with these practices whatever you do!

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